Fishing at Gudenåen

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Gudenåen is officially recognized as one of the top ten best places to catch salmon in Europe.
It invites all forms of land-based fishing, from fly fishing to children with fishnets.
In Gudenåen, you can find salmon, sea trout, pike, and perch.
Bamsebo Camping has 305 meters of Gudenåen riverbank, making it the ideal place for those who enjoy fishing.
When staying at Bamsebo, fishing here is free.

Check out the kinds of fish you can catch in Gudenåen and everything about the fishing permit below.

Fishing permit

All recreational fishermen between the ages of 18 and 65 must carry a valid national fishing permit in order to fish in Danish waters.

Children under the age of 18 and pensioners can fish without a permit.

You must purchase the permit before you start to fish, and the permit must be valid during the period of fishing. Without a valid fishing permit, the fishery control inspectors can give you a fine.

When you purchase your fishing permit, you will be given an ID-number which you must bring along with your personal ID, whenever you want to fish.

The money from the permits goes to the state, so they can keep up the population of fish and do research on creating a better environment for the fish.

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One-day permits

If you want to fish on a 20 km. stretch of Gudenåen, we sell one-day permits on behalf of Bjerringbro Sportsfiskerforening.

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