About Bamsebo

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About Bamsebo

Bamsebo Camping is a peaceful family-minded campsite in an idyllic location right next to Gudenåen between Silkeborg and Randers

The campsite was officially opened in 1961 - under the name of Gudenådalens Camping. Henry Brink, who purchased the farm and fields, bought it from a family, in which the husband and wife were known as “Bamsefar” and “Bamsemor” by the locals. So when Henry Brink opened the campsite he nicknamed it “Bamsebo”.

Modern campsite by Gudenåen

The campsite has continuously been expanded and modernized in between changes in ownership, and in 2005 the site officially changed its name to Bamsebo Camping.

The following year, the camp came under management by its current owners Iben and Steen Pedersen. Since then, the campsite has undergone improvements, so that it currently offers a wide variety of accommodations and activities. 

Here, you’ll find ordinary caravan pitches, tents, cabins, and glamping along with cozy common areas adjacent to Gudenåen, fishing, a swimming pool, table tennis, beach volley, pétanque, football and the campsites' large playground.

Bamsebo Camping has many years of experience with canoe rental, and is always happy to provide helpful advice and guidance with sailing and sail routes along Gudenåen. Needless to say, Bamsebo Camping is the obvious choice for an active family vacation.

The history of Bamsebo

The early years of Bamsebo, 1961 - 1985

Gudenådalens Camping was officially opened in 1961, but the site had previously been used for tenting before it got a legal permit.

Before it became a campsite, the area was used for agricultural purposes.

During the 70's the campsite was primarily occupied by full-season campers, because it didn't offer any activities for children.

Henry Brink, who purchased the farm and fields, bought it from a family, in which the husband and wife were known as “Bamsefar” and “Bamsemor” by the locals.

So when Henry Brink opened the campsite, he nicknamed it “Bamsebo”, hence its current name.

The development of Bamsebo, 1985 - 2006

In 1985, the campsite changed ownership, which resulted in the construction of the shop- and reception building, and the excavation for the swimming pool, which was later expanded. The construction of the cabins began, on average one was built per year, and a large gazebo was constructed.
Later on, a large goat pen was built next to the playground. The goat pen is at much joy for the children, who can feed the goats with bread.

In the season of 1999, the camp came under ownership of Keld and Inge Lise Winkler who ran the camp until the season of 2006.

In 2004, they expanded and renewed the playground and the old toilet facility was completely renovated.

In 2005, 2 luxury cabins with baths and toilets were constructed.

The name of the campsite was changed from Gudenådalens Camping “Bamsebo” to Bamsebo Camping v. Gudenåen

The present Bamsebo, 2006 - now

In 2006, the camp changed owners to its current owners, Iben and Steen Pedersen.

The campsite has continuously been improved and the ice cream shop has been expanded.
Today, Bamsebo Camping is a popular campsite for families. Here you have the options of renting a seasonal pitch, camp, rent cabins, go canoeing, go luxury canoeing (Glamping) and fish in Gudenåen.

You are also welcome to just drop by, and try one of the popular Bamsebo ice creams, or play a round of minigolf.

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